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At Seven Resourcing, we’re here to restore faith in employers and jobseekers.

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We’re changing the narrative in recruitment by supporting our communities, championing sustainability, building unbeatable customer service, and developing a business model that exists for so much more than just money - because change matters.

We’re fighting for change


This isn’t just about donations, it’s about support. We’re committed to giving our time and knowledge to charities, as well as raising money for services that make a difference.

Seven Resourcing Raise £20,000 For Ormiston Families

Today is a day of high-fives and hearty cheers at Seven Resourcing! We’ve hit a...

Seven Resourcing Completes the Boss Hog Challenge

We’ve got some muddy and sweet news to share! Our fantastic team recently participated in...

Seven Resourcing Takes on the London Marathon

The team at Seven Resourcing has done it again, taking on the legendary London Marathon...

Seven Resourcing Makes the Ultimate Leap for Charity

Today, we bring you a high-flying tale of bravery, adventure, and a whole lot of...



Without good people, we are nothing. We’re determined to create the most progressive and rewarding careers in our industry, so our people always feel motivated, supported, and valued.

Seven Wins ‘Best Overall People Experience’ at the British HR Awards 2023

In a recent celebration of excellence and innovation in the HR landscape, Seven Resourcing has...

Seven Resourcing Makes The UK’s Top 50 Best Companies To Work For

We are both honoured and excited to share that Seven Resourcing has been recognised as...

Seven Resourcing Achieves ‘Great Place To Work’ Certification

We are thrilled to share some awesome news with our Seven Resourcing community: we have...

Seven Resourcing rated ‘World Class’ by Best Companies

Seven Resourcing is proud to announce it has been rated ‘World class to work for’...



To inspire progress, it’s vital we think outside the box. We’re constantly innovating to create the most convenient, accessible, and powerful recruitment services on earth.

ISO 27001: Offering Recruitment With Unmatched Security

In an era where data security and technological innovation are paramount, Seven Resourcing has built...

PayTech: Rapid Payroll Powered by Convenience

At Seven Resourcing, we are well-versed in the pivotal role that efficient payroll plays in...

Smart Search: A Faster Way to Find Staff and Work

As a forward-thinking agency at Seven Resourcing, we have always prided ourselves on being at...

SafeGuard: Easier, Speedier Compliance & Onboarding

In the dynamic world of recruitment, Seven Resourcing stands at the forefront of innovation and...



Whether it’s our local community, employees, or customers, it’s important we are working hard to help them grow, evolve and flourish in every way.

Seven Resourcing Fund Bleed Control Kit to Prevent Local Knife Crime

At Seven Resourcing, our commitment to creating a safer and more secure community is at...

Seven Resourcing Support Local Food Bank, FIND

Our team recently came together to support FIND (Families in Need) charity food bank in...

Seven Resourcing Offer Funding and Support to Local Primary School

As part of Seven’s community support campaign, Because Change Matters, we have teamed up with...

Supporting The NHS Throughout Covid-19

In these unprecedented times, the spirit of our nation has been tested, and key workers,...



We have a responsibility to protect our planet, and as a global business, we want to do everything in our power to protect the environment around us.

Pedalling Towards a Greener Future

Gear Up for a Greener Commute! 🚴‍♂️🌿 Hello, eco-friendly pedal pushers and sustainability enthusiasts! Here...

Introducing Tree-Saving Timesheet Technology

The Future of Payroll is Here! 🚀 Guess what? Seven Resourcing is back with another...

Starting an Energy Saving Revolution at Seven Resourcing

Let There Be (Energy-Saving) Light! 💡 We’re back with more green news from the Seven...

Out With The Old, In With The Reusable

Welcome to the Green Side! 🌿 Hey there, eco-warriors and friends of the planet! We...


Mental Health

It’s time to crush the stigma surrounding mental health. Whatever our people are fighting, we want to provide a support system that’s available whenever they need it.

An open palm holding a flower to represent mindfulness.
The Five-Minute Breather: A Mindfulness Exercise for the Workplace

This quick and easy mindfulness exercise is designed to help reduce stress, enhance focus, and...

A heart being passed from one person to another to represent mental health support.
How Can Mental Health Stigma Be Tackled in the Workplace?

Stigma in the workplace? 😩 No, thank you! ❌ We’ve become more aware of mental...

Mental Health and Resilience Training? Completed It.

Hello, Team Resilience and Mental Wellness Explorers! 🧠✨ At Seven Resourcing, we’re always on the...

Seven join Mind Charity on a Mental Health Mission

Let’s Talk About Mental Health! 🧠💬 Here at Seven Resourcing, we know that recruiting the...


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

As recruiters, we’re professional people-people, so regardless of who you are, and where you’re from, we’re dedicated to making everyone feel supported and involved.

a picture of shadowy silhouettes to represent unconscious bias
Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work

Recognising unconscious bias is essential in fostering an inclusive environment, whether in the workplace, social...

How to Be a Good Ally in the Workplace (10 Ways)
How to Be a Good Ally in the Workplace (10 Ways)

Being a good ally in the workplace isn’t just about ticking boxes on the diversity...

Different coloured pens to represent the different types of diversity.
Understanding the Different Types of Diversity in the Recruitment Industry

In the recruitment industry, understanding and embracing various types of diversity is crucial for building...

Rainbow coloured sand to represent diversity, equality and inclusion.
Embracing Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Recruitment: A Path to Innovation and Success

In today’s rapidly evolving global market 🌍, the recruitment industry plays a pivotal role in...