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A woman reading a newspaper to represent the Friday Five news roundup
The Friday Five (22/12/23)

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s just time for one more edition of the...

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What is Burnout? Signs, Tips and Prevention

We’re likely all familiar with the term burnout, but what does it really mean? Healthcare, social care professionals, educators and...

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Christmas candles to represent the blog titled "How to Cope as a Social Worker at Christmas Time"
How to Cope as a Social Worker at Christmas Time

For many, Christmas is a wondrous occasion full to the brim with festivities, tasty food...

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A stack of newspapers to represent the Friday Five
The Friday Five (15/12/23)

Most people can agree on two things: 1) that they like to stay informed where...

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A picture of a child to represent a biog on the pros and cons of being a social worker (social workers often work with children).
What are the Pros and Cons of Being a Social Worker?

Being a social worker is an immensely rewarding and gratifying profession, though, like any role,...

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An abstract image of a brain to represent a community psychiatric nurse guide.
What is a Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN)?

Community psychiatric nurses (or CPNs) are professionals who work within the community instead of in...

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The Five Arrive: Healthcare (08/12/23)
The Friday Five: Healthcare (08/12/23)

Did you miss us? It’s that time again, the time of the week when we...

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A plastic brain to represent an article on cognitive distortions.
5 Cognitive Distortions You’ll Come Across as an RMN

RMNs encounter people struggling every single day and many patients display what are known as...

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How to Become a Prison Nurse (UK)
How to Become a Prison Nurse (UK)

A career as a prison nurse is one in which no two days are the...

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Red heart painted on multiple hands to represent the blog titled: "What is a support worker?"
What is a Support Worker?

Support workers help look after people who can’t easily look after themselves. This might be...

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A picture showing different types of nurses making heart signs with their hands.
What are the Different Types of Nurses in the UK?

Nurses help people, it’s in the DNA of the role, but it’s far from a...

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Red heart on yellow background.
The Friday Five: Social Care (24/11/23)

It’s time for another social care edition of the Friday Five, where we round up...

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Healthcare professional with mask in operating room.
The Friday Five: Healthcare (24/11/23)

Welcome to another week’s top health and healthcare news roundup in the Friday Five. We’ve...

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A person typing a CV on a laptop
5 Surefire Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out from the Rest

Before we start, we want to say – we know. We know this sounds like...

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The Importance of CPD for HCAs

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is an essential part of every healthcare assistant’s (HCA’s) career...

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Student in education.
The Friday Five: Education (17/11/23)

It’s time for another round of the Friday Five: Education, where we review some of...

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An image of the word recovery in green lettering on a black background.
The Friday Five: Recovery (17/11/23)

It’s time for another edition of the Friday Five: Recovery, where we delve into the...

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Person in healthcare typing on a laptop with a stethoscope by their side.
The Friday Five: Healthcare (17/11/23)

Welcome to another healthcare edition of the Friday Five. Here, you’ll find five of the...

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Wheelchair user being looked after by social care worker.
The Friday Five: Social Care (17/11/23)

We’re back with another week’s Friday Five for the social care sector. If you’ve not...

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Person walking outside in the snow, in the dark, to represent seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
7 Ways to Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

As the nights draw in and the days get shorter, it’s not unusual to feel...

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