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Career as a machine learning engineer
Are Graduate Salary Expectations Unrealistic?

In a recent survey by, results revealed that nearly 40% of current UK graduates...

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How Psychometric Testing Could Improve Your Career Prospects

As research into recruitment continues to prove that interviews alone are rarely a sufficient method...

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Manufacturing jobs on the rise
Government Called on to Reconsider ‘Strike-Breakers’ Recruitment Proposal

A controversial proposal to allow temporary agency workers to be hired by employers during industrial...

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A career in HEOR
What is Medical Writing and How do you Make it a Career?

Despite its growing status as a career and the increasing demand for skilled professionals, medical...

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Will Strain on UK Prisons Mean More Criminal Justice Jobs?

Recent projections by the Ministry of Justice have suggested that the numbers of inmates in...

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Nightmare job interviews
Temporary Hiring Market Continuing to Grow

A recent report from Markit and REC has shown that the hiring market in the...

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Pound coin stack
Is the BBC Representative of the UK’s Gender Salary Gap?

When the government announced that employers with over 250 staff would have to collect and...

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Data security pitfalls
Working from Home: Data Security Pitfalls to Avoid

As more and more jobs become more flexible, and digital connectivity becomes faster and easier,...

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Google for Jobs
What will Google for Jobs Mean for UK Jobseekers?

Googling seems to be the answer to everything these days, but could it be the...

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Best pharmacy jobs
How to Stake Your Claim for the Best Pharmacist Jobs

Here at Seven, we’re all about going the extra mile to help you achieve the...

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National Minimum Wage
National Minimum Wage Under the Conservatives: What’s the Impact on Private Sector Businesses?

It’s safe to say that not many people could have predicted, or did predict, the...

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Occupational therapy
Are OTs the Answer to the NHS and Social Care Crisis?

As General Election manifestos emerge, many undecided voters will be looking to each party to...

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Police officer
Will 10,000 Extra Police Officers Help the UK’s Probation Service?

We’ve taken a look at whether Labour’s pledge to put 10,000 extra police officers on...

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Guide to a career in engineering
A Career in Engineering: What You Need to Know

So you’ve decided you want to embark on a career in engineering, congratulations! Now all...

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Locums answer to social care crisis
Are Locums the Answer to the Home Care Crisis?

With a general election looming on the horizon, social care looks set to become a...

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What makes a great HGV driver
What Employers Look For in an HGV Driver

If you’re an organised person with good people skills who loves the idea of a...

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Work from home with a back office support role
Looking for a Flexible Back Office Support Role?

What could an extra £500 per month do for you and your family? Want to...

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A career as a STR recovery worker
What Does It Take to Become a Recovery Worker?

After extensive work and research in 2001, mental health and social care professionals realised that...

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Make sure your job offer is accepted
Top Tips for Employers: Ensure Your Job Offer is Accepted

For many job hunters, the interview process can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts...

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Recruitment tech for 2017
New Recruitment Tech and Trends for 2017

As those of us working in recruitment know, if you want to stay at the...

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