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The chancellor George Osborne will be delivering his 8th, and possibly final, Budget on Wednesday afternoon and there’s been plenty of speculation as to what he might have planned for us.

He has already announced there’ll be further cuts to public spending, “equivalent to 50p in every £100”, which could pile even more pressure on the NHS.

It’s highly likely we’ll all feel the effects of this Budget in one way or another, so we thought we’d pick out some of the more likely predictions and throw in a few lighthearted forecasts to create Budget Bingo!

Seven #BudgetBingo2016


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the game? Keep our bingo card handy if you’re planning to follow the Budget on Wednesday afternoon and cross off the predictions if and when they occur. Or you can tweet our predictions and impress your followers with your clairvoyance should they become reality. Eyes down for a full house!

  • Annual pension allowance cut from £40,000 – Tweet This
  • Lifetime pension allowance cut to £1m – Tweet This
  • Reference made to Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – Tweet This
  • 40% income tax threshold increased to £50,000 – Tweet This
  • Hear the words “not the right time” re: pension reform – Tweet This
  • Global markets blamed for further cuts to public spending – Tweet This
  • Angry comment from CAMRA if beer duty is increased – Tweet This
  • Fuel duty frozen but insurance and road tax increased – Tweet This
  • Top income tax rate cut from 45% to 40% – Tweet This
  • Comment from Jamie Oliver on the sugar tax – Tweet This
  • Further squeezes to tax credit payments – Tweet This
  • “Fiscal mandate” and “fiscal envelope” mentioned in same sentence – Tweet This
  • Chancellor mispronounces a word and gets heckled – Tweet This
  • George Osborne arrives late at the dispatch box – Tweet This
  • Cuts to NHS funding labelled “a disgrace” by spokesperson – Tweet This
  • Tobacco taxation increased by 5% or more – Tweet This

If you’d like to follow the game, keep an eye on the #BudgetBingo2016 hashtag.

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