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COVID-19: How Has Seven Continued To Thrive During A Global Pandemic?

Looking back to the lockdown announcement – we can’t think of a single moment in our history that has caused a more sudden dose of uncertainty. Almost overnight, we had to adapt and innovate to survive and in the last few months, we have moved mountains to maintain our award-winning service. Working in recruitment is a rollercoaster at the best of times, but COVID-19 has tested every ounce of our resilience, creativity and passion as an agency.

How is Seven managing to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Classed as key workers for our involvement in nursing, social care and criminal justice, we are one of the fortunate agencies to have been recruiting throughout the pandemic. It hasn’t been simple by any stretch, but here are a few things we’re doing to keep staff safe, happy and hungry to succeed.

Unparalleled safety measures

Keeping staff safe is obviously critical for any business, but at Seven, we’ve gone above and beyond to guarantee that our people are comfortable and safe from the virus at all times.

  1. With communal facilities out of bounds, we bought everyone their own personal kitchen – including brand-new fridges, microwaves, kettles, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, and water filtration systems – on every desk, stocked up and cleaned daily.
  2. Vitamin D and Zinc tablets provided for everyone.
  3. 5L of antibacterial hand gel per person.
  4. Unlimited visors, N95 masks and gloves.
  5. 50 refillable isopropyl alcohol spray bottles.
  6. New, staggered shift pattern.
  7. Daily reminders on COVID-19 and advice on how to avoid, treat and test the virus.
  8. Brand new air filtration systems on every desk and in every corridor.
  9. New plants and flowers throughout the office.
  10. Unlimited snacks and drinks for everyone.
  11. Remapped office layout to adhere to social distancing measures.
  12. Funding for essential WFH improvements, including desks, chairs, computers, monitors, software, routers, laptops etc.

Available when our customers need us most

Our recruiters have been available around the clock to support employers and jobseekers with recruitment in unprecedented circumstances. Alongside traditional methods, our team has been in constant contact with customers via Zoom, WhatsApp, live chat and social media – allowing us to support them long after the office has closed and every weekend. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we are working harder than ever to help our customers who are fighting the virus first-hand, so we make sure we are available whenever they need us.

Supporting keyworkers and our local community

We continue to support our local NHS Staff by providing ‘Hero Boxes’ packed with treats, useful gadgets and lifesaving PPE, which has been greatly appreciated by the amazing people at Ipswich Hospital. When COVID-19 was peaking, we spoke to numerous members of staff in the hospital and they were crying out for basic products and PPE (which were impossible to source in depleted supermarkets). We listened carefully and instantly created the Hero Boxes, spent days sourcing and purchasing everything they asked for, before delivering them to the hospital in a matter of days. It’s the least we could do for a service that has given the nation and our local community hope through unbelievably difficult times.

Creating a home away from home

Returning to the office after being away for so long can be a daunting prospect for staff and we make that transition absolutely painless. On arrival, all staff receive a PPE care package, including goggles, antibacterial gels & sprays, visors and masks. All desks have been moved to adhere to social distancing measures and everyone has their own fridge, kettle, air filtration unit, water filtration unit, vitamin d tablets, zinc tablets and an unlimited stock of PPE. The team is working harder than ever, so it’s important to keep them fuelled – this includes access to unlimited snacks and drinks. Although it’s up to our people where they work, it’s priceless knowing that they will receive the warmest welcome when they are ready to return.

Connecting with scattered staff

With almost everybody feeling the mental and/or physical effects of quarantine, communication has been key to motivating staff, maintaining positivity and connecting with our people on an emotional level. From hilarious GIF’s to newborn baby announcements, Seven’s team WhatsApp has become the temporary beating heart of the company with daily announcements from our Director and personalised graphics for every achievement – including deals, milestones, motivational messages, birthdays, positive COVID-19 breaking news and so much more. An hour doesn’t go by without some sort of positive interaction between everyone in the team.

Investing in mental health & career development

As a result of the pandemic, we spotted the opportunity to reinforce our mental health support capabilities for staff. To do so, we have employed a psychology and development professional to work fulltime in the office, specialising in employee development and mental wellbeing. We don’t just want our staff to be successful financially, we want them to be learning new and transferrable skills while offering a comprehensive support platform for those who need mental health support during and after the pandemic.

We continue to look for new and innovative ways to keep our people safe and happy, but we are already immensely proud of how our team has reacted to the pandemic, constantly maintaining a first-class service for clients and candidates who are working selflessly in the fight against COVID-19.

If you need talented staff to join your team or you are searching for a new role, get in touch with our wonderful team today to see how we can help you through the pandemic.

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