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Assistant Psychologist Jobs

The role of an assistant psychologist can change in line with the needs of the local population. Typically the role will be to provide clinical support for patients and service users under the direct supervision of a qualified psychologist, completing a number of day-to-day tasks to support people with mental health conditions.

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What’s Involved?

Assistant psychologists have an important role to play in a multidisciplinary team and could be involved in the any of the following:

  • Completing neuropsychological assessments
  • Undertaking behavioural observations and assessments
  • Contributing to discussions about a client’s diagnosis, treatment, risk assessment and care plan issues
  • Obtaining information by reading notes and investigating client histories
  • Planning and implementing treatment and intervention programmes
  • Working with the client’s family, carers, mental health workers and other third parties involved in their care

An assistant psychologist will also be expected to maintain clear written records and draft letters, reports and summaries that have been made from observing the client’s treatment.

Entry Requirements

Those applying for assistant psychologist positions will usually need to have a psychology degree recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) to be considered for the role. The entry requirements to study a psychological degree differ between universities, but a background in subjects like maths, biology, English, history and economics is preferred. This shows an ability to handle scientific concepts, be numerate and have excellent writing skills.

Assistant psychologists should possess a variety of skills, from a good knowledge of psychological theory to a natural interest in how people think, behave and relate to other people. You will also need to be patient, sympathetic and able to work with a broad range of clients.

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