Clinical Care Coordinator

Location: Manchester  |  Greater Manchester  |  England
Sector: Criminal Justice
Consultant: Jim Garwood
Job Reference: 33635
Salary: £25000 - £30000
Job Status: Permanent / Full Time

Job Summary

Responsible for the overall co-ordination of caseloads across the Delphi’s prison recovery model.

Co-ordinate and manage the allocation of meetings across the clinical and psychosocial elements of the service.

Proactively establish transition meetings to ensure co-ordination and management of the service user’s pathway.

Carry out regular caseload audits and put forward recommendations for change/service developments.

Provide timely and accurate service user information to ensure effective caseload management across the team.

To work in close collaboration with services, internally and externally, to develop effective pathways, approaches and interventions to support and motivate service users through all stages of their individual recovery journey.

To work within a strengths-based, recovery and outcome focused model to promote service users and communities as responsible co-producers of health, well-being and recovery.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsible for the leadership of client care through the co-ordination of caseloads across the service ensuring service users receive appropriate assessments, psychosocial and clinical support, reviews of recovery plans, group work and programmes, drug testing and effective planning for community re-integration and treatment exit.

Ensure required assessments and recovery plans are completed through the Recovery Practitioners and individuals’ strengths/recovery capital, including social capital and networks, begin to be explored.

To ensure that the delivery of case management addresses service users’ personal strengths, social networks and recovery capital (social, physical, human and cultural) and that these are built and developed throughout service engagement.

Work closely with the Team Leader to ensure provision and allocation of service users/patients through effective and robust allocation systems.

Ensure systems are flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals with different levels of risk, complexity and strengths.

To develop effective transition arrangements with the team for service users entering community drug treatment or prison based treatment, including regular joint meetings and continuity of recovery plans.

Ensuring clients move through journey and exceptions are highlighted appropriately.

Carry out regular audit of caseloads to monitor, review and improve as necessary, the quality of recovery planning within the service.

Responsible for carrying a caseload of complex service users and monitoring the progress of individuals through the recovery process and ensure that recovery goals and outcomes are being achieved.

To oversee record and caseload management , ensuring that recording of documentation and case notes are of a high standard and that recording is undertaken within required time frames.

To ensure that service users are fully informed about their recovery/treatment options, are involved in and consent to decisions, and are encouraged to take opportunities to achieve a sustained recovery.

Promote and communicate ‘visible recovery’ within the service to the service users through the use of dedicated recovery individuals and information.

Work closely with the Team Leader and Clinical Manager to promote a fully integrated recovery-oriented treatment system and ensure that services are working collectively towards the achievement of recovery goals and positives outcomes for each individual client.

To work flexibly across the whole service, including providing duty, late working, weekend and bank holiday cover as required.