Hampshire – Case Manager (Permanent)

Location: Winchester  |  Hampshire  |  England
Sector: Criminal Justice
Consultant: Aaron Hope
Job Reference: 31325
Job Status: Permanent / Full Time

We are currently seeking Case Managers for a permanent contracts with our client in Hampshire to start at the beginning of June.  Annual salary of £22,039.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Carry out quality control measures and monitor the integrity of programmes, as identified in the relevant operational manuals, including audit requirements
  • Quality assurance of non-accredited programmes through appropriate methods
  • Ensure that records and session registers are completed accurately and on a timely basis
  • Sample the appropriate number of staff-service user interactions, using video and audio equipment videotapes of sessions as required; live observations (and other QA methods – i.e., SU feedback etc.)
  • Provide feedback to programme staff based on monitoring and reviews, including video monitoring
  • Assess the quality of programme delivery in accordance with the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) audit criteria and Correctional Services Accreditation and Advisory Panel (CSAAP) service user interactions, using Pro-Social Modelling Checklists
  • Ensure any sessions that are audio/video taped are stored according to the Data Protection Act requirements
  • Motivate and support service users with the aim of sustained rehabilitation towards preventing further offending and protecting the public
  • Alert relevant colleagues should any risk be identified in relation to promoting the welfare of children and adults
  • Demonstrate collaborative working within the Flex Team; sharing practice and skills, promoting a team ethos and networking
  • Perform other duties commensurate with the post as from time to time may be determined by the line manager, Director or above

Operational Planning and Management

Demonstrate supporting and aligning programme management to the Interchange Model and 6 core modules:

Interact (Assess-sentence plan-implement-review and evaluate-enforcement and referral)

  • To ensure the appropriate selection and assessment of service users
  • Maintaining clear and timely record-keeping on the Case Management System
  • Managing the waiting list, the assessment process and making decisions about which service users should take priority to minimise waiting times.

Intervene (Interventions used to support change and deliver the


  • The programme is delivered in a way that is responsive to the needs of participants
  • Identify and utilise relevant services for Protected Characteristic groups in particular taking account of potential vulnerabilities of service users.
  • Deliver interventions that promote change and personal development

Integrate (Activities designed to engage offenders with their community

and access its resources)

  • Support and encourage Networks towards sustained rehabilitation
  • Support ways in which service users can apply and consolidate skills learned in the programme and transfer to the remainder of their sentence and beyond
  • Participate in multi-agency forums when required
  • Provide supervision of practice and support to relevant staff both individually and in a group setting in line with CSAAP
  • Work with Case Managers to plan and review session delivery
  • Coaching, training and developing relevant operational staff in order to improve performance
  • Demonstrate Skills for Effective Engagement, Development and Supervision (SEEDS) in day-to-day practice
  • Act as an enabler for case managers to deliver accredited programmes
  • Work flexible hours within the remit of personal contracts or agreed variations, subject to exigencies of the service

Delivery of Accredited Programmes

  • Ensure the delivery of accredited programmes meet CSAAP requirements
  • Undertake the relevant training required for the Treatment Manager role

Finance and Commercial

  • Ensure performance metrics are achieved

Decision Making

  • Use professional judgement whilst exercising Treatment Manager duties and assessing and managing risk
  • Have responsibility for deselection of service users when required
  • Have responsibility for deselection of programme deliverers in consultation with the Interchange Manager
  • Actively seek advice and support from the line manager when necessary


  • Foster a positive working relationship with CRC colleagues, local partnerships and suppliers of interventions
  • Collaborate with others to find resolve problems and improve ways of working
  • Build an effective working relationship with the service user, adopting a strengths-based approach when delivering programmes

Equality and Diversity

  • Participate and engage in equality and diversity training, reflecting learning in working practices
  • Work to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Ensure best practice and company policies and procedures are followed to achieve contract requirements

Quality/Health and Safety/Environment

  • Be actively aware and follow the company Quality, Safety, Health and Environment (QSHE) policies, procedures and personal responsibilities, as set out in these documents
  • Attend all QSHE mandatory training as requested
  • Ensure compliance with Health and Safety (H&S) policy and procedures, taking reasonable care for own health and safety and that of others, who may reasonably expect to be affected by your action or inaction
  • Where relevant, use recognised incident reporting processes to escalate risks, as stated in the H&S policy and arrangements

Policies and Procedures

  • Be actively aware and follow all company policies, procedures and personal responsibilities as set out in these documents
  • Be aware and follow any legal obligations as required for the post

Person Specification














Professional Qualifications, Education and Training



  • Two ‘A’ Level qualifications (C or above) or equivalent
  • Commitment to undertake VQ3 Diploma in Probation Practice or equivalent
  • Achieved and maintains accreditation to deliver programmes as required




  • Achieved Treatment Management (TM) Accredited Training










Relevant Experience



  • Working with individuals with challenging behaviour
  • Ability to enforce standards and procedures
  • Trained and experienced in the delivery of programmes as required for TM




  • Working/volunteering in the Criminal Justice System











Relevant Knowledge



  • Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System
  • Commitment to a reflective learning approach
  • Familiar with the theoretical underpinning of working with service users



  • Understanding the importance of performance and quality in practice



Core Competencies (aligned with the National Occupational Standards – Justice)



Contribute to the development of a culture in which people are respected and valued as individuals



  • Creating an environment that encourages people to identify their own personal beliefs, values and priorities, and decide for themselves the actions they wish to take
  • Identifying factors which are known to trigger certain kinds of behaviour in the individual and take appropriate preventive action
  • Adopting a personalised approach to rehabilitation
  • Supporting individuals to engage in activities which are likely to stimulate their interest, that are consistent with their preferences, and supports constructive changes in their behaviour
  • Seeking to build positive relationships










Enable individuals to identify factors which affect their safety, well-being and social inclusion




  • Enabling individuals to identify factors which affect their safety, well-being and social inclusion
  • Enabling individuals and organisations to identify options for improving safety, well-being and social inclusion
  • Helping individuals and organisations to put their priorities into action, sustain effort and review the effectiveness of
  • such actions










Obtain information, analysis and decision-making



  • Obtaining, verifying and recording information from offenders regarding their behaviour
  • Consistently displaying the skills of pro-social modelling, service user engagement and professional judgment to encourage service users to desist from their offending behaviour and to rehabilitate and reduce the risk of re-offending
  • Taking action in a timely manner and making decisions that are based on evidence or sufficient intelligence
  • Demonstrating a willingness to ask for assistance or refer a matter when appropriate












Delivering Results




– Ability to plan and prioritise workload

– Follows laid down procedures, standards and instructions

– Strives to meet individual, team and organisational objectives

– Uses own initiative to prioritise work to meet deadlines and performance targets

– Appropriate attention to detail and ensuring tasks are correctly handled and followed through

– Takes personal responsibility for delivering the desired outcomes and goals

– Reacts quickly and responds appropriately to changes in plans and work schedules











Values and Behaviours



  • Upholds organisational values
  • Behavioural Competencies details to follow