Recovery Practitioner

Location: Manchester  |  Greater Manchester  |  England
Sector: Criminal Justice
Consultant: Jim Garwood
Job Reference: 33636
Salary: £20000 - £25000
Job Status: Contract / Full Time

Job Summary

Responsible for day to day delivery and provision of one to one psychosocial interventions and case management for Delphi Medical’s prison treatment model for problem drug and alcohol using offenders.

To ensure that the key elements of service delivery are integrated, effective and delivered to a high standard.

Work closely with other services to ensure service users are able to achieve their recovery goals, positive outcomes and community re-integration, maximising engagement and retention.

To develop skills and competencies and continuous performance improvement.

To work closely with internal and external services to effective pathways, approaches and interventions, aimed to support and motivate service users through all stages of their recovery journey.

Promote health and wellbeing for service users through the effective delivery of psychosocial interventions.

Support the Team Leader in providing information and for data collection and review and performance monitoring/service development purposes.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

Ensure psychosocial activities are implemented effectively.

Ensure the effective delivery of assessment, implementation and monitoring of recovery plans; group work; individual psychosocial support; programmes; drug testing; planning community re-integration and treatment exit and caseload coordination.

Ensure the effective delivery of harm reduction interventions for service users presenting with a range of drug and alcohol problems.

Ensure required assessments and recovery plans are completed and individuals’ strengths/recovery capital, including social capital and networks are explored.

Through service engagement, ensure service users’ personal strengths, social networks and recovery capital are built and developed throughout service engagement.

Work with the Team Leader and colleagues to ensure the development of robust and effective systems and structures, which are responsive to the needs of individuals with different levels of risk, complexity and strengths.

Implement a full range of flexible psychosocial interventions for individuals and groups, in line with national guidance.

Participate in regular service reviews to ensure high quality of recovery planning within the service.

Monitor the progress of individual service users through the recovery process and ensure that recovery goals and outcomes are being achieved.