Why Seven Data Science?

When it comes to providing excellence in data science, the individuals who capture and store information, break it down and offer strategic commercial insights are the people who really matter. Yes, data infrastructure is important but, like anything else in business, it is the quality of personnel which counts most. However world class your data facilities, servers and software systems are, your organisation’s future success will rely on the level of data interpretation it receives and that means hiring the right people.

At Seven Data Science, we work with public organisations and commercial entities across the UK to help them find the perfect data science staff. Meeting all of their vacancy requirements, from senior to junior employees, we work quickly and efficiently to deliver outstanding candidates every time. Our close attention to detail allows for exceptional levels of success in recruitment, even when a position needs to be filled at short notice.

Get On Board With Our Team

Expertise in specialist hiring services, as needed in a key area like data sciences, is what marks one recruitment firm out from another. Importantly, we are not like other recruitment agencies and take a great deal of pride in providing a skilled team which knows what organisations need from their data personnel. We work hard to ensure that our service is fully focussed on the key issues of big data analysis, data mining and of providing cutting edge analytics. Given that our data science team has the right level of industry knowledge to match the right people to the right jobs, why would you consider turning elsewhere?

Our data science recruiting consultants work with a tremendous amount of attention to detail to make it simple to make the right selection from a range of leading candidates. Each member of our team has the necessary experience to ensure only professionals with the right qualifications and fully vetted work histories makes it to your desk for consideration.

We ensure candidates meet the high standards our clients demand of us every time. This approach saves organisations from searching though vast numbers of poor and inappropriate CVs as well as making sure those which are put forward relate only to outstanding candidates who are ready for the next step in their career.