The Leading Choice for Data Science Recruitment

Data science is nothing short of an information revolution. At Seven Data Science, we not only recognise but embrace that change. Given that digital data is already taking over the world, we understand that our clients’ needs must sometimes be met with global solutions and we have the necessary national and international contacts to succeed.

Furthermore, we can offer a staffing solution for every requirement within the fields of big data, statistical interpretation and predictive analytics. The focus of the business is aimed at fulfilling our clients’ needs so that their business intelligence set-up is the best that it can be – and that starts with recruiting world class personnel.

A Dedicated Consultancy

Because Seven Data Science is wholly centred on recruiting in the fields of data analytics, data system architecture and statistics, we provide a dedicated and consistent consultancy service that is unrivalled. We are able to seek out only the most viable candidates for the positions that become available and will only put a professional forward for consideration if they possess a skill set that matches the demands of the role on offer.

Our attention to detail with each and every candidate makes sure that our network of data science professionals have the necessary business experience as well as the correct technical qualifications, as our clients expect.

Ideally Located

Seven Data Science sites within Adastral Park, a place where world leading innovation happens. A vibrant community of like-minded people and dynamic organisations. It’s home to BT Labs – BT’s Global Research and Development Headquarters – and Innovation Martlesham – an established (and growing) cluster of around 100 high-tech ICT companies.

From pioneering work in optical technologies and digital switching, through to advancements in software engineering, Adastral Park is globally recognised as today’s gateway to a world of possibilities.

A Team that Delivers

Need high-quality data science experts? Our candidates come with fully vetted work histories to ensure that they meet the high standards modern businesses require for both permanent and contract placements.

Our team of consultants are veritable specialists in their particular niches under the data science umbrella, each offering a deep understanding of the full data science project lifecycle. It is this in-depth technical knowledge, we believe, that sets us apart from our competitors.

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a career move or a company that needs a qualified data science practitioner, please get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.