Data Analyst Test Post | Ipswich | £50 – £60 P/H

Location: Ipswich  |  Suffolk  |  England
Sector: Data Sciences
Consultant: Jamie Chittock
Job Reference: TestData1
Salary: £50 - £60
Job Status: Temporary / Full Time

The Leading Choice for Data Science Recruitment

Data science is nothing short of an information revolution. At Seven Data Science, we not only recognise but embrace that change. Given that digital data is already taking over the world, we understand that our clients’ needs must sometimes be met with global solutions and we have the necessary national and international contacts to succeed.

Furthermore, we can offer a staffing solution for every requirement within the fields of big data, statistical interpretation and predictive analytics. The focus of the business is aimed at fulfilling our clients’ needs so that their business intelligence set-up is the best that it can be – and that starts with recruiting world class personnel.