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Dental Assistant/Therapist Jobs

The perfect balance between a full-time career in dentistry without the additional stress of running your own practise, dental assistants and therapists are vital members of the practise team who carry out routine dental work that doesn’t require a referral.

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Locum Dental Hygienist

Colchester, Essex 
  £30 - £30  

Whats Involved?

Resting somewhere between a hygienist and a dentist, both dental assistants and therapists carry out straightforward dental work including assessments, scaling and polishing, x rays, restoration, and extractions. However there is a variation between the two roles; dental assistants work more as support staff for dentists, helping both with procedures and patient care, while dental therapists are more independent, working individually on routine procedures in order to free up the practise’s main dentist for more complex treatments.

A dental therapist job is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a career in dentistry that is not tied to one practise or one schedule. Dental therapists can work across a number of practises or in different environments such as schools or in community care centres and, with additional training, can also carry out more complicated procedures and work with patients who have special needs.

A role as a dental assistant on the other hand, is a great choice if you’re looking to learn more about a career in dentistry before you commit to lengthy and costly higher education. While you will usually need to have taken part in an accredited training program before you can work as a dental assistant, some dental assistant roles offer the opportunity to learn and train on the job – making this a great entry point to a dental career.

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