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Dental Practice Jobs

Are you looking for dental practice jobs in the UK?

 At a dental practice, there are many important roles to choose from including dentists, dental hygienists, receptionists, dental therapists, managers, dental associates and more. Whether you’re an entry-level candidate or highly experienced, Seven Recruitment is ready to help you find dental practice jobs that are complex but very fulfilling.

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What’s Involved?

Dental practice team members ensure patients are fully supported throughout the dental treatment process. Dental receptionists maintain patients’ records, book appointments and use their expertise to decide which cases are urgent. Receptionists may also work as dental nurses. Dental nurses keep work areas clean to prevent infections and assist dentists so that dental procedures run smoothly and efficiently.

Dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists are also part of a dental practice team. Dentists are trained to diagnose and treat oral problems. If necessary, they refer patients to dental hygienists or dental therapists. Dental hygienists treat gum disease — a leading cause of tooth loss — by removing plaque and cleaning teeth. Dental therapists perform basic treatments such as teeth whitening, x-rays and simple fillings.

Other dental practice jobs include practice managers, periodontists, dental associates and orthodontists. Seven Recruitment always works hard to find a dental team role that satisfies your individual preferences and qualifications.

Dental practice jobs are perfect for candidates who understand how important oral health is. Teeth and gum problems have been linked with various diseases including diabetes, lung disease, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Joining a dental practice team means you’ll not only save teeth and gums but also save countless lives.

Find out more about dental practice jobs in your area and start your search today by registering with Seven Dentistry.

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