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Health & Safety Jobs

Are you looking for health & safety jobs in the UK?

 Whether you’re experienced or an entry-level candidate, we’re ready to help you find health & safety jobs that are complex but very beneficial to society. With a wide range of life-changing and life-saving roles in the health & safety field, it can be hard to choose where to specialise. We’re here to help you find a job that suits your career goals.

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What’s Involved?

The Health & Safety Act 1974 outlines how employers have a legal duty to keep employees and the general public safe from danger, for example, by providing hard hats to everyone on building sites. Working in this field means you’ll protect the public from harm by researching and promoting the importance of safety in the workplace.

A health & safety team has many roles. There are inspectors who confirm that businesses are health & safety compliant. Health-focused researchers identify hazardous substances and how to protect ourselves from them. Science-focused researchers develop safety policies and aid forensic investigations. Other health & safety-related positions include engineers, IT professionals, managers, advisors, consultants and officers. Seven Recruitment will ensure you apply for health & safety jobs that match your personal preference.

Health & safety jobs are everywhere: building sites, oil rigs, manufacturing plants, mines, laboratories, farms, retailers, schools and much more. You’ll have the freedom to work anywhere because every business and institution has a legal duty to keep employees and customers safe.

If you’re looking for jobs bursting with freedom and variety, look no further. Working in various industries is not only exciting but rewarding. Health & safety saves hundreds of lives each year but our society is still developing, so even more dangers and hazards are inevitable. By joining a health & safety team, you too can save lives for many decades to come.

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