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Never let a staff shortage disrupt your service. Find the people you need, whenever you need them, with our rapid ad-hoc recruitment solution.

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The perfect fit

You never know when you might need temporary staff to step in, or when long term cover is needed out the blue, so having a multi-award-winning recruitment agency that can quickly find ad-hoc staff is the perfect insurance policy!

From nurses and healthcare assistants to support workers and admin staff, we specialise in finding talented ad-hoc staff, fast. We are available around the clock for hundreds of employers needing last-minute and unexpected recruitment, and we can help you too.

Why choose ad-hoc recruitment?

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Whether it’s a shift, weekend, or ongoing staffing requirement, our ad-hoc solution gives you ultimate control over your workforce.


With our giant network of compliant and readily available candidates, you can quickly fill shifts with experienced staff without delay.

Reduced risk

Effortlessly scale your workforce up or down to match demand, so you only ever pay for the staff you really need.

Specialised skills

Find specialists and experts to join your team on a short-term basis – perfect for projects and time-sensitive circumstances.

Lower cost

Find staff that can hit the ground running, saving time and money on training, equipment, and lengthy onboarding processes.

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