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The perfect fit

Finding the right people for your roles isn’t just important, it’s crucial. Permanent recruitment is about forming lasting partnerships, fuelling growth and shaping your organisation’s future. 

At Seven Resourcing, we specialise in permanent recruitment across social care, healthcare, criminal justice and education to find professionals who don’t just fit a role, but perfectly match your culture and values.

Why choose permanent recruitment?

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Permanent recruitment provides long-term stability for your organisation, with employees who are committed to your service, its people, and its goals.

Talent acquisition

With an unequalled knowledge of our sectors and an impressive talent network, we can help you attract top talent who are committed to driving your organisation forward, now and in the future.

Cultural fit

Your team dynamics and staff retention are important to us, so within our comprehensive candidate generation process, we go beyond qualifications and experience, ensuring every candidate we submit is a perfect match for your culture.


While the upfront cost of ad-hoc recruitment might be higher than temporary placements, the long-term value brought by a committed, full-time employee can far outweigh the initial investment.

Growth and Development

Our permanent candidates will be invested in your organisation and its future, creating opportunities for their growth and development within your company, fostering loyalty and reducing turnover.

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