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Labelling Jobs

Are you looking for labelling jobs in the UK?

Whether you’re an entry-level labeller or very experienced in this field, we’re ready to help you find labelling jobs that are complex, productive and enjoyable. Labels are an important part of marketing products sold, but which role should you play in a labelling committee? Our recruitment team will help you find the perfect position for your career goals.

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Labelling and Packaging Engineer

County Galway, County Galway 
  £39,500 - £43,900  

What’s Involved?

Labellers research, plan and produce the labels on products sold. They consider the entire product line and roll out updates to every product in the range. Labels must be legally compliant in each country where the product is sold. A label’s information is important because it sells the product whilst warning customers that it might be harmful to them, for example, a warning that food products contain nuts. 

As a labeller, you’ll have various tasks to perform. You’ll verify that labels meet regulations, confirm the label’s marketing claims are supported by reputable evidence and track government legislation on labelling requirements. There are countless labelling roles available including stock labellers, operators, managers, officers and strategists. Seven Recruitment will work hard to ensure you apply for labelling jobs that fit your capabilities and competence.

Labellers work in a labelling committee who coordinate with an artwork team. Together, both teams produce labels that are informative, legal and visually appealing. Labellers will gain invaluable experience in numerous sectors such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

Labelling jobs are a cost-saving and life-saving career path. The right label prevents companies from being fined because their products weren’t labelled properly. The right label also saves lives because it warns people about harmful use or consumption. If you’re ready for a job that values both money and lives, get in touch with Seven Recruitment today.

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