Our most-read blogs of 2016
By: George Owen

Our Most Popular Blogs from 2016

As is traditional at the beginning of any new year, we’re taking a look back at last year, our highlights, and what we can improve on to make the blog even better over the coming months. Of course, the only opinion that matters is yours, so here are the blogs that you liked best in 2016.

5. Why is there such a Shortage of Social Care Professionals?

With so many of you being social care professionals yourselves, this blog on the current staff shortage in social care obviously hit home. From low wages and funding cuts to punishing hours and a lack of motivation, we highlighted some of the problems the profession is facing and why this at least means highly skilled, experienced locums should be in demand for some time to come.

4. Best Prisons to Work for in the UK

There’s been a lot of bad news for prison workers in the press lately and reports of violence, riots, and mental health crises can make the task of choosing where to work seem impossible. Last year we decided to look on the bright side instead, with our run-down of UK prisons that are actually really good to work at. We hope it was more helpful than the usual list of worst prisons.

3. Will the NHS be Better or Worse Off Post-Brexit?

Brexit dominated the headlines last year so it’s no surprise that this article on the potential impact of the referendum on the NHS was in our top three most-read blogs. Of course, everything’s still up in the air, but we hope this blog helped you get a balanced view of both sides of the Brexit debate.

2. The Path to Criminal Psychology Jobs – Which is Best?

Welcome crime thriller fans! There are obviously a lot of you out there as this blog – on how to embark on a career in criminal psychology – hits the second spot on our most-read list. Check it out for a serious look at the profession and how you can get started.

1. First Schools, Now Social Services and Prisons?

Perhaps it was the unusual concept of an academy prison that caught your attention, but this blog on the government’s plans to treat failing prisons and social services departments like academies, was our most read of 2016.

So which blog was your favourite? Or was there another you read last year that you found particularly interesting? We want to tailor our blog to what you want to read so, if there’s anything you’d like to see more of (or you’d like to see less of too), let us know in the comments or leave a post on our Facebook page.