Clinical Psychologist

Location: Birmingham  |  West Midlands  |  England
Sector: Nursing Care
Consultant: Peter O’Reilly
Job Reference: 34488
Salary: £32000 - £37000
Job Status: Permanent / Full Time


Responsible to the Regional Operations Director; you will be required to carry out the following duties as required, including the following:

Clinical : Direct

  • Working within a highly specialised clinical area, to provide psychological assessments of clients.
  • To formulate plans for formal psychological interventions based upon an appropriate conceptual framework of the client’s problems

Clinical : Indirect

As a member of the Clinical Team and working by consultation:

  • To support the clinical, nursing and direct care teams in making skilled evaluations and decisions about clinical options.
  • To be responsible for implementing a range of highly specialist psychological interventions for individuals and groups, adjusting and refining psychological formulations.
  • Where agreed, to exercise clinical leadership for clients who problems are managed as a psychologically based care plan.
  • To ensure that all members of the Clinical Team have access to a psychologically based framework for the understanding and care of clients of the service.
  • To contribute to multidisciplinary risk assessment and risk management for relevant individual clients and to provide both general and specialist advice for psychological aspects of risk assessment and management
  • To communicate information concerning the clinical plans of clients and to monitor and evaluate progress during the course of both uni-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary care.
  • To provide expertise and advice to facilitate the effective and appropriate provision of psychological are by all members of the team.

To provide consultation about the psychological care of the client group to staff, families and other agencies.