Mental Health Nurse (RMN) | Rhyl

Location: Rhyl  |  Denbighshire  |  Wales
Sector: Nursing Care
Consultant: Joshua Osborne
Job Reference: JO000002
Salary: £35464 - £35464
Job Status: Permanent / Full Time


The Registered Nurse reports to the Manager and the Deputy Manager and is accountable to the Manager and Director.

Duties and Responsibilities.

The Registered Nurse is responsible for the assessment of the Residents’ care needs and the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes of care. In the absence of the Manager or Deputy Manager, the Registered Nurse will be expected to take charge of the Home.  The Registered Nurse will be required to teach other members of the Care Team etc.

Specific Duties

Ø    Take charge of the Home in the absence of the Manager or Deputy Manager.

Ø    Ensure that agreed standards are met and initiate remedial action where standards are in danger of falling below the agreed level.

Ø    Deploy Team Members in a structured manner and supervise their work.

Ø    In consultation with the Manager/Deputy Manager undertake duties directly and indirectly relating to Residents’ care and maintain the care environment.

Specific Responsibilities

Ø    Following consultation with the Manager or Deputy Manager, reporting and discussing changes in Residents’ condition or behaviour to the Doctor and/or appropriate member of Primary Health Care Team. e.g. CPN, Social Worker, etc.

Ø    When deploying Team Members to specific tasks, ensure that Team Member/s are sufficiently competent to deal with the allocated task. Where there is an identified shortfall in the required skills, remedy the deficiency by a programme of direct teaching or by discussing the training needs with the Manager or Deputy Manager.

Ø    Ensuring that the agreed standards are met and ensuring that priorities are agreed and understood by the Care Team.

Ø    Ensuring that the delivery of care is efficient and effective taking into account Residents’ needs and sensitivities.

Ø    Taking an interest in the well-being of all the Team by being available to listen to and discuss their problems. Encourage Team Members to develop and use their own initiative within the limits of their own skills and abilities.

Ø    Adhering to and ensuring compliance with relevant policies and procedures of  the Nursing Home.

Ø    Making the Buildings Manager, Manager or Director aware of any deficiencies or faults in any nursing equipment.

Ø    As a Registered Nurse you must ensure compliance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Hours of Work

The Registered Nurse’s normal hours of work are as shown by the Duty Rota. However, on occasion, you may be expected to perform any other nursing shift within the Home.

*Due to growth within the business there is huge potenital to achieve a managerial role after the first year of employment.*

If you wish to apply please contact Joshua Osborne on 07520633641 or via email – [email protected] or apply to this advert with your latest CV.