RMN Adults

Location: York  |  North Yorkshire  |  England
Sector: Nursing Care
Consultant: Tommy Hill
Job Reference: 30920
Job Status: Temporary / Full Time

Aims of Service

As a Staff Nurse you will be working within a team that includes a range of professionals.

You will be central to providing high quality care within a ‘medium secure’ forensic setting. The patient group consists of Personality Disordered and Enduring Mental Illness.

You will work within an identified career development pathway and be expected to complete appropriate competency development portfolio.

As part of your role you may be required to assist in the management of challenging situations including the management of violence and aggression. In these situations you may be required to utilise physical means of managing the situation through “management of violence and aggression” techniques. As a result you will be required to undertake the preparatory training. This is a basic requirement of all nurses and healthcare workers within the unit. It is therefore imperative that you are physically able to participate.