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School Nurse Jobs

Are you searching for school nurse jobs in the UK? We work with employers at schools across the country to recruit caring nursing professionals to work with students. Perhaps you’re searching for a role which fits flexibly into your busy family life? Perhaps you are inspired by working with young people every day? Whatever  your motivation, we help great candidates find their ideal school nursing jobs.

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As a school nurse, the rapport you build with students and staff members is all important. That's why we take time to learn about you and your potential employer before recommending an application. We endeavour to lean as much as we can about the goals, skills and lifestyles of all of our candidates, so we can help find your perfect professional match.

What’s Involved?

From a child’s first entry to a school, school nurses take a very active role in monitoring, maintaining, and improving both their physical and mental health. Whether it’s providing initial health assessments or monitoring and assisting children with specific health requirements, school nurses play a vital role in both detecting any issues and working with families to provide extra support where required.

Depending on the type of school you’re working within, daily life for a school nurse can include administering vaccines and immunisation, advising the school board on diet and wellbeing for pupils, providing health education, or even visiting families who have children in need as well as working closely with their GPs to ensure they are correctly cared for and provided for at school. Excellent organisational and communication skills are therefore a must, as well as the compassion, patience, and resilience to work with often very young or disadvantaged children in sometimes upsetting or distressing circumstances.

That being said, the hours in school nursing are often more sociable than those experienced by nurses working in the NHS for example, as you’ll often be working to school hours and timetables. Salaries are also competitive from the outset, with plenty of career progression available all the way up to managing whole teams of nurses at specialist schools.

With professional relationships playing such a huge role in a school nurse’s career, finding the right school is vital – which is why we’re dedicated to finding out as much as we can about our nurses and schools to make sure we match you with the perfect fit.


Why Search with Seven?

But the personal touch isn’t our only strength as nursing recruiters. We also offer a wide range of useful tools and benefits like:

  • Foolproof payroll
    For temporary staff our smart payroll system ensures payments are dependable and accurate every single month.
  • Pain-free compliance
    Don’t submit DBS checks every time you apply for a new role, we keep all of your documents stored securely so you don’t have to.
  • Timesheets at the touch of a button
    Update your timesheets from any device at any time – it couldn’t be easier!
  • Tempting rates
    We want the best talent. Which is why we offer some of the most tempting rates in nursing recruitment.

Find out more about school nursing jobs in your area and start your search today by registering with Seven nursing care.

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