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Staff Nurse Jobs

When it comes to fulfilling and enriching careers, you’d be hard pressed to find one more rewarding than nursing. While the hours can be long and the work hard, nurses are responsible for providing life-changing care and treatment for millions of people across the country every year.


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Staff nurse jobs vary widely from employer to employer, band to band and role to role. From specialist departments, to more general care, there's a wealth of directions to take and work environments to explore. That's why its so important for our team to understand your experience, your skills, your qualifications, your goals and your lifestyle before we recommend staff nurse jobs.

Senior Staff Nurse (RMN/RNLD)

Frinton-on-Sea, Essex 
  £37,440 - £39,520  

What’s Involved?

Staff nurse is the first level of nursing after qualifications and staff nurses are responsible for the general care of patients across a range of different facilities. Depending on where you’re placed, a day in the life of a staff nurse can include providing initial assessments, reporting to doctors, administering medication, tending to wounds, and providing everyday care. However, nurses also enjoy much more face time with patients than doctors and often provide a crucial supportive role to patients alongside other more routine tasks.

Whether you choose to work in hospitals, clinics, or other facilities, staff nurse hours are often long, with shift work meaning unsociable hours over nights or weekends. Staff nurses therefore need to have the strength and stamina required to work under stressful conditions for long hours, as well as carry out tasks that can be tough both physically and mentally. Efficiency and organisation is also key, as well as excellent communication skills, bedside manner, and the ability to work in large teams.

While working conditions can be tough, staff nurses are rewarded with good pay – all staff nurses will start on band 5 salaries – and good opportunities for career progression. Beyond that however, nurses are also a huge and vital part of the healthcare industry and can enjoy immense job satisfaction from providing lifesaving help and support to people on a daily basis.

Why Search with Seven?

Whether you’re searching for flexible locum work, or want to climb the career ladder in a more senior permanent staff nurse role, take your first step using our quick search tool or by uploading your CV to our database.

It’s not just personal care and expert attention which set Seven Nursing apart, we also provide a sector-leading selection of tools and benefits to our candidates, including:

  • Payroll you can rely on
    Never miss an invoice or chase a payment, our smart digital system ensures temporary staff are paid on time every time.
  • No-fuss compliance
    No more scanning DBS checks and vaccination certificates – we keep everything securely on file so you can apply for multiple jobs, hassle-free.
  • Painless timesheets
    Log on, update and go. Our online timesheets can be updated any time, anywhere.
  • Outstanding rates
    We’re looking for the best staff nurses, so we offer some of the best rates in the industry. Ask us and see.
  • 24/7 support services
    Staff nurse jobs can be around the clock, so we are too. Call any time for help, advice and information.

Find out more about staff nurse jobs in your area and start your search today by registering with Seven nursing care.

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