Social Work Careers

We’re social care recruitment specialists. Working with employers across the UK, we help candidates launch and further their social work careers, whether they’re interested in moving into mental health care or keen to take the next step in social work.

Why apply with Seven?

We’re a little different from other recruitment agencies you may have worked with. We believe that matching rewarding roles with outstanding candidates is more than a numbers game. That’s why we don’t send your CV to just any old employer in the sector.

Instead we take time to understand your qualifications, your lifestyle and your goals to ensure we only put you forward for the roles you want, with the employers looking for candidates just like you. This helps us make the sort of perfect matches which can see social work careers really take off and thrive, resulting in happy clients, happy candidates and extraordinary care.

Our areas

We operate right across the UK in a broad range of social care settings. From social work and occupational therapy, to children’s rights advocacy and healthcare coordination, we help our candidates help vulnerable people, from children and the elderly, to young offenders and individuals with substance abuse issues.

Helpful extras

Our expert, personal approach is not our only perk. We also offer lots of helpful extra services to support our candidates including:

  • Payroll system
    No need to chase payments, our foolproof system ensures temp staff are paid on time, every time.
  • Compliance made easy
    ubmit your details once and never again. We’ll store them safely, ready to use for future applications.
  • Exclusive rates
    Top salaries mean top candidates. We offer some of the most generous rates in the industry.
  • 24/7 support
    Social care is round the clock, so we are too. We’re here to help, 24/7.
  • £250 referral bonus

For every individual you successfully refer to us, we’ll send you a £250 bonus

Further your social work career

Ready to take your social work career further? Whether you’re just starting out or keen to climb the ladder register with Seven Resourcing or Upload your CV today.