Residential Home Manager

Location: Wolverhampton  |  West Midlands  |  England
Sector: Social Care
Consultant: Matthew Buckman
Job Reference: 40485
Job Status: Temporary / Full Time

Seven Social Care is looking for a Registered Manager to fill an exclusive opportunity in a new Children’s Residential Home in Wolverhampton

To ensure that the Home meets the standards and expectations of its Statement of Purpose. To safeguard and promote the welfare of children and to ensure that the quality of care provided is consistent with National Minimum Standards. To establish and maintain a competent, motivated and confident staff team and to offer leadership, managerial direction, guidance and support to staff at all levels. To ensure that the Home’s policies and procedures are adhered to and that resources are managed effectively. To develop systems for the efficient administration of the Home and to ensure that the fabric of the Home, equipment, appliances and grounds are maintained to the highest order in accordance with Health and Safety requirements. To be the responsible person in managing child protection concerns and complaints. To liaise with Local Authorities, School, Health and other professionals to achieve best outcomes for young people. To actively promote the Home’s equal opportunity and antidiscriminatory practice policies.

Equal Opportunities: All young people are equally entitled to have their needs met in a fair and balanced way. Registered Managers are responsible for promoting equal opportunities for all and for challenging any behaviour or practice which discriminates against any young person or colleague on the grounds of race, religion, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or any other perceived difference.

Duties and Responsibilities: To meet the needs of children through: Ensuring that each young person has a plan which reflects his / her care, education, social, emotional, cultural, therapeutic and health needs and that this plan is regularly reviewed. Allocating a Key Worker for each young person with the principal responsibility of implementing the childcare plan. Establishing and monitoring high quality standards of care in line with National Quality Standards and the Home’s Statement of Purpose and developing quality assurance measures to ensure these standards are maintained. Developing systems in which young people are consulted about the quality of care they receive. Taking responsibility for progressing any complaints or child protection concerns Working in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people

Attending and contributing to child care planning and review meetings as appropriate To develop a confident and competent staff team through: Involvement in the recruitment and retention of staff Developing a management style which balances the need to exercise control and give direction with the need to offer staff the opportunity to contribute to decision making. Ensuring that all new staff receive a proper induction to the Home in line with company policy. Ensuring that each member of staff has a supervision contract and receives supervision in line with National Minimum Standards Ensuring that each member of staff has a personal development plan through the Staff Appraisal Programme. Establishing a programme of senior staff and team meetings to facilitate communication and provide opportunities for consultation and staff development. Attending to issues of staff motivation and morale Addressing issues in relation to conduct and competence of staff. Ensuring adherence to company policy in relation to probationary periods. Promoting personal and professional development through the appropriate delegation of duties and responsibilities.

To develop systems which ensure the effective allocation of resources through: Ensuring adequate staffing levels that meet the needs of the Home Ensuring that budgets are managed effectively and the use of finances is properly monitored. Ensuring that company vehicles are clean and regularly maintained Monitoring closely the fabric of the building (including fixtures, amenities and grounds) and taking remedial action where necessary.

To promote the efficient and effective operation of the Home through: Developing in consultation with young people and staff routines in relation to all aspects of child care. Clarifying expectations in relation to maintaining the Home in a clean and orderly condition. Creating rotas which fit best with children’s needs and which allow proper handovers between shifts. Ensuring that there are appropriate and adequate reporting and recording system in place to comply with National Quality Standards. Attending to all administration issues in relation to the Home and the provision of weekly management information reports for HQ.

General To contribute to the development of the Company as a whole through membership of the Heads Of Homes Group. To receive training appropriate to role and maintain an up to date training profile To maintain up to date knowledge of the statutory and procedural frame-work for residential care and communicate this to staff as appropriate. To undertake any other managerial duties as may be necessary.

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