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The Friday Five (26/01/24)

As another week draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on some of the most noteworthy recent news stories. So, take five minutes out of your day if you’re able, put on the kettle and have a browse of the Friday Five, your place to get healthcare, social care, education, and recovery and criminal justice news.  

1. £500 Million Announced by Government Towards Social Care Services  

The UK Government has unveiled a £600 million support package for local councils, with a substantial £500 million boost to the Social Care Grant. This initiative aims to reinforce social care budgets and increases the Core Spending Power for all councils by a minimum of 4%.  

The package forms part of the broader £64 billion funding outlined in the provisional Local Government Finance Settlement for 2024-25 and is welcomed by major local government organisations.  

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove and Minister for Local Government Simon Hoare stressed the Government’s commitment to supporting local authorities and maintaining essential services. This increase follows the £1 billion allocated for social care in previous announcements, underlining the Government’s dedication to strengthening local community services.

2. Mother Fights Council at Tribunal Over Child’s Specialist School Access  

Harley’s access to a specialist school. Harley, who has special educational needs (SEN), including autism and ADHD, requires a modified Education Health Care Plan (ECHP).  

Frustrated by delays in securing a home tutor and the lack of suitable school options, Ekrem is among many London parents increasingly challenging councils over SEN provisions. Record numbers of tribunal appeals are being made in London and across England against council decisions on children with SEN, reflecting growing parental concerns and a strained system.

3. Women’s Health Priorities Outlined for 2024

maternity care, including support for birth trauma. It also aims to enhance support for victims of domestic and sexual abuse and women in the criminal justice system.  

Health Secretary Victoria Atkins outlined the strategy’s progress at a London event, highlighting achievements like reduced HRT costs and establishing women’s health hubs. A £50 million research fund will address maternity disparities, with an emphasis on inclusive healthcare for all women, regardless of background or ethnicity.  

4. The Health Foundation Outlines Recommended Areas of Reform in Social Care Funding

The Health Foundation’s report on social care funding reform in England highlights the urgent need for systemic change. The crisis in adult social care is characterised by many individuals not receiving necessary care, poor staff pay, and high reliance on unpaid carers, all of which strain the NHS.  

The report discusses several funding options, including free personal care, a cap on care costs, and a universal care system, each with varying cost implications. Emphasising that meaningful reform requires increased government spending, the report argues for a fairer, more inclusive social care system. For more details, you can read the full report here.

5.  Recommendations on AI in Schools

Experts recommend several key changes for AI integration in schools, as per a government report. Funding for AI trials in schools and a long-term strategy for generative AI, such as ChatGPT, are emphasised. There’s a call for research support to help teachers detect AI-generated work and strategies to prevent a digital divide in AI usage.  

Additionally, transparency in edtech firms about the impact evidence of their products is urged. These suggestions aim to maximise AI’s educational benefits while addressing challenges like academic malpractice and inequality in technology access.

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